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October 5 ,2022

Sheriffs quitting after police “reform” bill passes, effectively tying the hands of cops and protecting criminals

October 5 ,2022
A sheriff in Union County, Illinois has become at least the fourth sheriff in the state to turn in his badge after the state implemented something called the “Safe-T Act,” an anti-police group of measures dressed up with in the guise of “police reform.”

Pritzker considering SAFE-T Act changes

October 3 ,2022
Gov. JB Pritzker is considering changes to the SAFE-T Act criminal justice reform to clarify provisions related to the end of cash bail in Illinois, while his Republican challenger, state Sen. Darren Bailey, continues to push for a full repeal.


October 3, 2022
Come Jan. 1, pretrial cash bond will be abolished as part of the Illinois SAFE-T Act, a move that has triggered outcries, varying interpretations and lawsuits.

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