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SAFE McHenry County is a Political Action Committee created to provide information to citizens about public safety in general, and the role that elected officials have and can play in making our citizens safe.

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Citizens for a Safer Community!

Our Mission

To inspire, nurture, and support a grassroots movement of citizens who will fight to restore and preserve a safer environment within our communities.

Our Purpose

SAFE McHenry County believes that all citizens have a right to public safety and deserve to live in a Safe Active Family Environment (S.A.F.E.), and that right should not be encroached upon. Our elected officials are obligated to defend the Constitution and the citizen’s rights for their pursuit of happiness that can only be preserved when the Rule of Law is respected and enforced.

Our Impact

SAFE members are a group of people who have banded together over the issue of public safety. We work to educate fellow citizens on public policy and how their elected officials act in funding and supporting law enforcement’s sworn duty to protect and service their communities. Then we work to hold these elected officials accountable, and when necessary, replace them with persons who will work to make our communities safer for all citizens.

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McHenry County | Illinois


McHenry County is located in the state of Illinois and has a population size that ranks sixth-largest across all counties. The county seat is Woodstock where you can find many amenities for residents such as grocery stores or restaurants with delivery services.  This area used to be primarily agricultural but now it’s more suburban than rural due to its rapid rate at which exurbs expanded outwards from 2003 – to 2013 while urban areas have been increasing even faster over recent years.

Education, advocacy and engagement in the electoral process on issues focused on public safety issues is our primary function.