McHenry County: S.A.F.E. McHenry County was formed a little over one year ago by citizens in the county concerned about public safety. They determined that there was a need to provide information and advocacy in the political process. To that end the supported candidate Robb Tadelman for the Republican Primary Nomination for Sheriff and now have decided to begin rolling out support for candidates in the November 8th General Election.

Candidates for county board were sent a questionnaire containing questions related to public safety and two of those issues were this week by the county board providing a public record. The third issue, the loss of the ICE contract, has been ongoing and will have a long-term impact on the county and public safety.

Our County Board Endorsements for the November 8th Election

  • County Board District 1: Tom Wilbeck and Matthew Kunkle
  • County Board District 2: Jeffrey Thorsen and John Reinert
  • County Board District 3: Robert “Bob” Nowak and Eric Hendricks
  • County Board District 4: Joseph “Joe” Gottemoller and Mike “Shorty” Shorten
  • County Board District 5: Terri Greeno
  • County Board District 6: Pamela Althoff and Carl Kamienski
  • County Board District 7: Jeffrey E. Schwartz
  • County Board District 8: Tracie Von Bergen and Larry W. Smith
  • County Board District 9: James A. Kearns

These individuals responded affirmatively to all three questions presented them by our committee:

1) The State Legislature passed a bill that was signed into law by the Governor that took away McHenry County’s right to manage the county jail including the housing of including prisoners of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE. The ICE detainees were illegal immigrants who violated our laws and the contract to facilitate these detainees generated millions of dollars that helped to offset the burden on our property taxpayers.

Do you support a county board resolution calling on the legislature and the Governor to repeal this legislation?

2) The Illinois Legislature passed the so-called Safe-T Act calling it Criminal Justice Reform. Our McHenry County State’s Attorney and the Sheriff have both called for repeal of this legislation that allows for criminals to be released without cash bail and places handcuffs on the police. The opposition is bi-partisan with three Democrat State’s Attorney’s also calling for either repeal or amendments to this legislation.

Would you support a county board resolution that would call for repeal of the Safe-T Act?

3) The Illinois legislature passed a bill, HB 3447, reducing the charge for possession of three grams of the deadly opioid Fentanyl from a felony to a misdemeanor despite the fact that one gram has the potential to kill 500 people. Some local legislators voted in favor of this bill.

Would you support a county board resolution calling for the repeal of HB 3447?