With violent crime skyrocketing across America and the blame at the feet of the Democrats where it rightly belongs, President Joe Biden went to New York on Thursday for an urgent presidential clean-up mission.

He had to do something about the Democrat Party’s mess on crime as the November mid-term elections approach. So Biden decided to make a speech and gaslight the nation.

It oozed sincerity. And if there’s one thing he can do, it’s to ooze sincerity. But a critical component was missing. It was a simple thing really, but vitally important to a president who reportedly loves dogs.

It was as if Biden forgot the plastic bag that most of us take with us when we walk our dogs.

And the president just left it there.

The Democrats are now in agony over crime, from their support of Black Lives Matter rioters who were quite useful leading up to the 2020 elections, to their war on cops, and their defund-the-police push. And all that led to the elections of a number of soft-on-crime rogue Democrat prosecutors of the left, in the big cities across America that are now suffering crime spikes.

“Mayor Adams,” said the president addressing New York Mayor Eric Adams after the shootings and killings of police officers rocked the city, “you and I agree, the answer is not to abandon our streets. The answer is to come together, police in communities building trust and making us all safer. The answer is not to defund the police. It’s to give you the tools, the training, the funding, to be partners, to be protectors.”

He talked of federal efforts, yes, but federal authority isn’t on the front line of crime. Biden is responsible for an American border he refuses to protect, and he may be blundering us into war to protect Ukraine’s borders a world away. But presidents aren’t mayors or prosecutors who are elected by local communities to set the tone on what they will tolerate and what they won’t.

That part about Biden not being in favor of defunding police was important to him, so his wordsmiths made certain it was there. But what was missing from the president’s speech?

I read the White House transcript, and watched Biden’s speech. And yes, the important part was nowhere in his blah-blah-blah about “ghost guns” and the need for the feds to cooperate with locals on gun trafficking between states. Democrats have a crime mantra, “gun violence” to avoid mentioning street gang violence. There are many guns in the suburbs, especially now, and suburbanites aren’t slaughtering each other.

 Like an old dry cork, President Biden bobs along on currents formed by the left wing of the Democratic Party. The hard left calls the shots on policy. And polling data shows Americans are deeply concerned about the anarchy and chaos of crime, as city after city breaks records for murders, shootings and carjacking.  For far too long, Biden was silent on the growing chaos in cities, hiding in his basement, as public order came under political and physical attack by Democrat thought leaders. And cities were torn apart, businesses were looted and burned in those “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots.

Back then the Democrat slogan was “silence equals consent.” Now they hope corrupt corporate media will be silent about what Democrats did and did not do on crime. But Americans aren’t likely to forget by November, and so the president rushed to New York to declare his support for law-enforcement. It was nothing but a dog and pony show, the blah-blah-blah of a politician protecting a vulnerable flank.

Except for one thing that was missing from the president’s speech.

For years I’ve been telling you to look for what’s not mentioned in the approved media narrative, to listen for what is not said, to strain your ears for any sound from that dog that didn’t bark; to look in the negative spaces surrounding the political actors dancing on stage. It is that negative space and those things left unsaid that tell you some of what you need to know.

So, what was missing from the president’s speech?

Local prosecutors.

If he had talked in any detail of the work done by local prosecutors, he’d have had to remind Americans about all those George Soros backed Democrat prosecutors, from New York to Chicago to San Francisco and elsewhere. The woke among them reject criminal law as written by state legislatures. They make their own law, their Social Justice Warrior law, which feeds the anarchy in the big cities.

That’s why Biden’s dog wouldn’t bark. It would have hurt his Democratic Party allies. So his handlers muzzled that dog. Joe didn’t even bring a bag. He just turned on his heel and walked away. Biden’s pet pundits won’t mention what he avoided, because Democrats won’t talk of crime.

But Americans who are most concerned about crime won’t ignore it. They can’t afford to ignore it. They’ll remember in November.

Biden did not mention newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who has moved to drop armed robbery to a misdemeanor. He didn’t mention Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who has dropped more cases than her predecessor, and who decriminalized shoplifting, incentivizing the smash-and-grab gangs that destroy businesses and frighten customers from prime shopping districts.

The president didn’t mention the election of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, or rogue left-wing San Francisco prosecutor Chesa Boudin, whose parents were convicted cop killers, and who was raised by terrorists in Chicago, albeit former Weather Underground terrorists with supreme Chicago Way political connections. They helped launch Barack Obama’s political career in Chicago.

Democrats would rather avoid the cause of the growing sense of lawlessness. They become quite angry if you mention that sense of lawlessness in connection with Soros, and their allies in media may defame dissidents who dare mention Soros and prosecutors. I know. I dared. It’s one one reason that I’m now free, writing for my own site here at johnkassnews.com

A few years ago in Chicago, Biden’s old boss, then President Barack Obama addressed the nation’s police chiefs. He talked smoothly about wanting to help police do their jobs. But he wouldn’t say three words that every cop wanted to hear:

Mandatory minimum sentencing.

That would have cost Democrat votes, so Obama didn’t mention it.

And on Thursday in New York, the same avoidance. Biden just could not speak the three words causing great American cities to suffer, or draw attention to what we all can see, even though Democrats are responsible for those three words and will pay the price in November.