Edmond Harris became the 50th person in Chicago arrested this year for allegedly murdering, attempting to murder, or shooting someone while out on felony bond.

CWB Chicago reported that Harris was arrested on February 12 “after he allegedly crashed a hijacked SUV in Lawndale.” For some reason, Harris was not charged for any crime related to the carjacking or crash and was instead charged “with failure to register as a sex offender in an unrelated matter.”

Still, failing to register is a felony, but Harris was released a few days after his arrest after posting a $1,000 deposit for his felony bond.

“As it turns out, Harris was a member of a prolific and extremely violent armed robbery and carjacking team that had been creating havoc throughout the city and suburbs for weeks, prosecutors now say,” CWB Chicago reported. “And five weeks after he posted that $1,000 bail bond, he killed an Uber driver in yet another carjacking, according to federal prosecutors.”

The armed robbery crew of which Harris was a member allegedly killed a 31-year-old Lyft driver on January 20 after pulling up next to him while he waited for a passenger. The crew carjacked the Lyft driver at gunpoint and then drove a couple of blocks, where they robbed a man walking down the sidewalk. The day after the attacks, Chicago police posted a community alert that connected the carjackers to other crimes, including shootings and armed robberies throughout Chicago and its suburbs.

On February 12, police saw a 2013 Ford Escape that had been featured in one of the flyers that had been distributed amongst police officers in Chicago. The SUV was reportedly connected to carjacking and other violent crimes. Police began to follow the vehicle and, eventually, the driver — Harris — lost control and crashed. Police found surgical gloves and a ski mask in the vehicle.

Again, Harris was not reported for any crime related to the stolen vehicle. He was released in mid-February.

On March 23, 43-year-old Uber driver Javier Ramos was dropping off a passenger when he was shot in the head and killed. His Lexus GS was stolen and taken from the scene, which was just three blocks from where Harris had been arrested five weeks earlier after crashing the SUV. The killing also occurred less than 500 feet from Harris’ home, CWB Chicago reported.

Harris was charged in June for Ramos’ murder. In late October, he was finally charged with the carjacking that occurred in January.

Chicago is currently dealing with a police officer shortage, The Daily Wire reported, struggling to hire officers in a dangerous city that is currently battling a vaccine mandate from Mayor Lori Lightfoot.